I liked this picture.

thats a pretty cool pic....vey nice bucks as well!
those are nice Dakota county bucks!!! ;)
very cool pic
those are nice Dakota county bucks!!! ;)
If I got a picture like that in Dakota County I might mess my drawers.

These two are off limits for the two guys in their 40's. The guys in their 70's can shoot what they want as can the kids. I hope these two make it another year or two.
Cool pic!
There is a lot to like about that picture!
I don't know....

The face on that lead buck seems to saying "this isn't prison don't even think about it."

That or

"not again"

Nice bucks though, regardless of how they swing.
The one in back is saying hold still we got to practice for November. Cool pic.
How bout the look on the little guy in the back round that just got it from both. Haha
Neat pic
OK.....so which of those two bucks up front would make the better "trophy" to you? High? - or Wide?
I would shoot the back one, because he has more mass but I don't think he is 4 yet.
Yep I like high and tight myself.
By the look of what is about to happen it isn't EHD that's causing low deer numbers!

The one watching is just gathering mis-informatin to make the situation worse!

You need to kill these deer!!!!