Have a good and safe Labor Day weekend!


5 year old buck +
I know we are all going to be doing something this long weekend, spending time with the kids before they go back to school, planting plots, hanging stands etc......Have a good and safe weekend everyone!
This is a holiday weekend, couldn't tell by me as I have to work all weekend. Also found out I'll be 7 days a week till the middle of Oct. But I'm looking t it this way.

OT = Shed & Tractor Have a safe weekend everyone.
An hour ago, I rolled the 4wheeler over on top of me in a wash out that was not there before. Glad my buddy was with to help get it off of me. Could have been in big trouble if I had been by myself as normal. Not Good!!

Glad to hear you 're alright.
Geezus cripes!!!!!!

Quiet weekend plans here.
Borrowed my atv to a friend today. At least i am safe from that!!!
Having an atv on top of you is never a fun experience, been there done that! Glad to hear your ok.
Glad to hear yout ok. Bet ya stained your shorts. :eek: