Happy Birthday...?

Alpha Doe

5 year old buck +
Stu...a little birdie told me it's your birthday today? o_O
Sure thing...no problem! :p
Now that AD left it out. Happy Birthday Stu.
Stu- It's really great to see a man of your years still contributing positively to society...:D Thanks for a great year of knowledge. Happy B-Day brother!

Now where did I leave that damn dibble bar...
Happy B day Stu.
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Happy B-day Stu.
happy birthday man!
Another one down and many more on the way. Congrats.
Happy Birthday Stu! I bet you're loving all this rain for your trees, I'm planting this weekend if I can get around in the mud.
Happy b day, will be 70 this fall, plan on being here a long time to enjoy posts by all.
Happy birthday Stu!
Happy Birthday troublemaker. ;)
Happy Birthday!