Half Priced Equipment!



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That looks like a perfect candidate for sectioning and making it 6" wide. To bad it's to far from me.
contact The price may not be "cheap"....but the size is sure nice for a smaller operator like some of us.

Posted: 3 days ago

4' Grain drill for food plots/corn-bean planter - $525 (Watertown)

size / dimensions: 4'

4' grain drill great for planting food plots with atv or small tractor. Ive also used it to plant corn and beans
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Saw this on Duluth CL.....

3pt tree planter - $150 (Mahtowa/blackhoof)


Selling my 3 point tree planter if interested call show contact info
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I found a 6 row JD Flex 71 a couple days ago for $1500 in Grand Forks area..... Not on Craigslist.
It was newly posted, and it was just sold... ugh, what a miss on that one!
8' Brillion seeder cultipacker for $1,500, seems like a pretty good price from what I have seen online in the past. Looks like it is just missing the transport wheels, but I don't know much about these things.


8ft Brillion seeder cultipacker - $1500 (cromwell,mn)

i'm all over that $25 packer. haha. it's home made but will work perfect for what i need.
I picked up the $25 packer last night. Thanks Brad for posting!!
Sweet, great find!
one of my better deals on craigs, that's for sure.

Love this thread. Now i have to repay the favor and find a deal for someone else. I kind of feel guilty.
These things are the bomb behind an ATV.
There are 2 separate units here.


If things are straight and the lever works to raise and lower the tines, for $100 each, its a steal for ATV food plotting gear in my opinion.
We have 2 of these and they are fantastic tools.
12' Disk with Hydraulic Cylinder! Only $200 located in DMS Iowa. The Cylinder is worth $75 bucks alone! Great Size for food plots!View attachment 1014
Mo, How many horsepower does it take to use a unit like this? How do you like the wheel units compared to the 3 pt? Any advantages one over the other?
Nice looking disc and that's a steal if bearings are good. I prefer hydraulic on wheels especially for large plots. More weight, width and easy to hook up and get to work. I would think 45hp would be ideal.
Mo, How many horsepower does it take to use a unit like this? How do you like the wheel units compared to the 3 pt? Any advantages one over the other?
Those wheel disks make good equipment IF you have the space to turn around with them. Wow....$200?

I'd never get one turned on my land due to the trees. Most of those disks followed a moldboard plow, rather than primary tillage or for breaking new ground.....not sure how effective they would be for tillage. Set aggressively......a 12" disk like that would pull pretty hard IMO.