Greatest Deal of The Day!



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Wow. I guess they never heard of scrap metal. That's a steal.
Sweet deal, CL can be good, just have act fast when there is something good.
Great find...!
Holy shit....
Great find, can't wait to see the pic's.
You must be living right! If you want to get your money out of either one just give me a call.
You gotta mine allot of dirt to find a diamond. ;) Nice find.
Did you buy a lottery ticket? Nice finds.
Looks pretty much like the 8' Dunham I found for $30. You were swindled. :D

(errr......I actually paid $130 IIRC.....but gotta give MO a little heartburn :D)
I had a guy from Wisconsin respond to my WTB add for an EZ Flow Drop Spreader.....on CL a few years ago. He was headed to SD and offered to DELIVER the spreader.....all for the price of $75. I took him up. :)
Dang! Lucky son of a gun
There may be some Luck involved, but I spend a lot of time doing internet searches will on the phone with customers. Then you have to be ready to run and grab the piece before some other guy does. Or what i do is offer a few extra bucks to hold the piece and tell them to take it off the internet right away. That helps to keep anyone else from calling before you get there!

Yep I know you do Mo. One of the benefits of being self employed is that you can just jump on stuff right away. Cash on hand always helps too which we know you got that;)
Nice find
My grandpa from Scandia called me today and said the one item he was going to will to me...a cultipacker was just sold and I'll get the $40 instead!

Here I was thinking it was worth $30 but some sucker paid $40
Yep, I am that sucker! I even tried to give him an extra $10 and call it $50 but he said no, $40 was all he wanted.
I think he just screwed you out of 20% of you inheritance? Hahahahaha!


Find me a deal like that!!