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I have been playing with grass screens in plots to funnel deer past my blinds. I only use a recurve and need deer 15 yards for 90% success. 2 acre plots dont work for me w/o these sorghum/e-wheat/millet blend screens.

Poured some nitrogen to finish one me and the 10 year old planted a month ago. If it gets to 6 feet tall the whole length, all the deer (close to all), will funnel within 15 yards of this blind in this 2.7 acre field with a NW wind.

It is a game (34).JPG
This plot is a sunflower, soybean, pea, radish, rye blend that the deer will use early season. You are facing south, and from the ground blind to the tower stand we planted a 10 yard wide screen of the blend a month ago (late for me but we had way too much rain this spring)
photo (35).JPG
Screen is 30 inches tall at best, and the gap the deer will walk is to left of blind in this picture. Gap is only 10 yards wide and deer will walk 5 yards from blind.
photo (36).JPG
Facing west you can see the blind in the long screen, and there is additional screen west of the blind 15 yards.
photo (38).JPG
Another shot facing South. Grasses will all boom if we get rain next 2 days with the Nitrogen I put down. My experience has been zero deer walking through these screens if they can not see through them. After my bear hunts are over cameras will be put here to see what is walking the gaps.


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I tried something like that after you discussed it at Stu's. I think I planted the sorghum too thick, but did add some fertilizer to it this week.

get us some pictures for updates, please.
Looks good! Good plan hopefully it works for you. I also spread some urea tonight on some e-wheat wanting alittle more heighth.
I posted this even though my screen is only 30 inches tall right now and will fail unless the ENTIRE length hits 5 feet. Germination is okay as long as my Nitrogen boost hits.

blind in screen.jpg
This is another field I screened. I think I made a mistake planting food before the deer got where I wanted the shot to be, but they are using it pretty heavy so he will get another chance.
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