Forum Site problems???


5 year old buck +
Is anyone else having trouble posting pics on the forum right now, or has my computer finally hit the point of failure?


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I had some trouble last night at moving pictures form thumbnail to full size. I waited a bit and it worked.
I posted several last night using the "upload a file" button & selected full image. I didn't try thumbnails.
It was my computer. I took it in today and it was shot. Good news is, I have twice the computer at half the price what I paid for my last one 6 years ago.
I hate when that happens, I still have a $400 VCR that I refuse to throw away. It just is not right that they have CD/DVD players for $30. The VCR will make a comeback, I just know it!;)
They will come back, but will we be around to say "Ï told you so!"

I still have a wind up phonograph and records from my Grandparents. I'm waiting for the comeback.;)
Sandbur I have a couple of good Jimmie Rogers albums that will run on your phonograph. Ours is a Victrola. Great big son of a gun too. Bet that $30 DVD won't still be playing when it's the same age.
True stuff. DVD player for the same price as a case of Corona? Who'da thunk it?
I have a phone with a dial on it yet.