First day deer


5 year old buck +
I sat out the morning (first time I have ever chosen not to hunt the first morning of archery), but went to an area that has proven to produce good numbers of deer sightings on evening hunts. I decided last minute to sit a different tree than usual due to wind direction. Long story short: center punched a nice doe at about 6:20 (4th deer I saw) and by the time I climbed down at dark, I had seen 17 or 18 deer (including 3 bucks), two of which were sparring about 10 yards from my tree. It's a great day to be alive!
A side note: I have always been stubborn about not attaching my HSS to the tree while climbing, but decided that I need to suck it up and do it right. It only takes an extra couple minutes. If you are stubborn like me- just suck it up and do it! I have heard too many stories, and want to be around for a while longer. Be safe- saving a minute or two isn't worth it!
Congrats on your doe. We all slip at time on safety, the older I get the more I use my safety eq. I just don't bounce like I use to.
Congrats on the doe! Great reminder on the hooking up while climbing, a couple years ago I added saftey lines to all my stands and like you said it only takes a minute, now it's almost second nature.
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