First buck pics this year and more.


5 year old buck +
I pulled my cards last night a got my first buck pics.

Might be a nice one

Couple little ones

Those count!

What ya got growing in the background there?
Those count!
What ya got growing in the background there?
To the right is a LC cereal mix, last weekend I mowed and sprayed, prepping for planting switchgrass and far left is a e-wheat strip and a couple rows of micanthus. The crop field on the far left hasn't been planted yet, don't know what's up with the farmer who rents it but I think he's planting black beans.
Nice pictures.
These aren't buck pics but a couple cool ones from today.

I think this is the culprit that's been pooping on my camera.

I've seen a bunch of fawns but this is the first pic.

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That bluebird probably sees his reflection in your camera and wants to fight. They do that to my mom's side mirrors on her car every year. Aggressive buggers.
The boys already trying to figure out who's boss.

Any thoughts out there whether this guys on the right will/should amount to a good buck? I have some pics of bucks with pretty decent racks already and then there is him? He looks like an older deer for my area.

Alittle more promising

Getting alittle better

looking good!
Same buck? Pay no attention to date on top pic I changed batteries last week and didn't have the programer, this pic was last week.

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I think it's the same buck
I've seen these 3 with this doe but this is the first pic.

My son set up a trail cam at my sister's and caught this buck, not bad for around here.

the date is off on this pic

Just pulled my cards and here's some pics, no big shooters buit some different pics. I just picked up this Covert cam and it seems to be alright so far.

What's that big bright thing up there?

First night game

Sorry there is no fall turkey season here, next spring should be ok.

Big 6, no brows. Is he a 2.5 year old?

Apparently we've let some young bucks go that don't have great racks along with the 6 above here's a 4 or 5 pt, hard to tell from the pics but he was here during daylight yesterday. Hopefully he walks by my wife on the 15th, I have to let him walk because my second buck tag has to have 4 on a side.

Neat pictures. I am going to start a thread when season is over for those random, but cool trail cam shots. I have a few just not the time right now to search through cards to find them.
Pulled our cards at my sister's house again and got this one, my son and I hunted this last weekend over there with no success but a good time hunting with him.