Favorite All Weather Vehicle Mats?


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Hey Everyone,
I was just curious what everyone's favorite or preferred all weather vehicle floor mats are? My wife is getting a new SUV next week - we live in Wisconsin so things get pretty sloppy from November-April, frequent the farm and the outdoors plenty, kids play sports, etc. etc.. I want to get some good mats beyond the stock mats. Most of my vehicles we've always used Weather Tech and they've been pretty good but I do notice the edges can curl up a little bit once and a while so they're not perfect but what is? I know this group has good experience and plenty of opinions. What do you like? Thanks.
I had weather tech on my old Colorado. They worked fine. I didn't get them right away but they kept the carpet clean underneath for a decade. Maybe a little curling but nothing horrible. New truck has decent ones stock so haven't had to buy another set.
WeatherTech. Custom molded to fit your truck floor, snap pins to hold in place. Cupped edges to keep melted snow from draining onto truck carpet. Easy to pull out and dump.
I only have 2 to compare. Try a Tractor Mat and you'll quickly go back to Weather Tech. Cheapest piece of flimsy floor mat - I yanked it out of our combine last year before my dad tripped and broke his neck on it.
WeatherTech. Hands down.
I have MaxLiners bought off Amazon. No complaints after 4 years.
I have a set of Husky Liner Weatherbeaters in the truck. No complaints at all. Would recommend at least giving them a look.
It usually comes down to weathertech vs husky. I've had husky weatherbeaters in my last two vehicles and have been really happy with them. When researching for specific vehicle the husky's often seem to have an edge, such as more "deadpedal" coverage.
These are 4 year old MaxLiners. The company is now SmartLiner USA. I haven't had any issues with them. 20230819_132840.jpg20230819_132917.jpg20230819_132954.jpg
I have WeatherTech, but they are not as good as they used to me, IMO. The fit is not as “custom” as it was in the earlier days. Here is an example from my current Ram 1500. They did replace this one, but the replacement was still off by 1”.