End of week 7


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It's been 7 weeks since the new knee was put in. I'm done with all my therapy but still have home exercises to do. Knee is still stiff and has inflammation. Doc says 6 more weeks before I can go back to work. I'm going bonkers sitting in the house. Yesterday I picked up 150 Norway spruce. Heading out to the property to do a little work on the trails and see about dibbling in a few trees. It will be slow going but it's better than sitting home looking at the walls.
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Good luck with the recovery!!
Good luck with the new knee.....keep moving! It will all be worth it soon!
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Wishing you the best recovery possible.
Don't let up on your excercies, keep doing them well beyond it feeling better.
Stick with you will be feeling better in no time. Move slow planting trees and you will be fine.
tooln, hopefully your road to recovery continues to progress without to many bumps. My ortho told me 2 years ago that I needed them both done ASAP. Unfortunately, at only 44, he is unwilling to do them because I am young enough that I could potentially wear them out(I'm a chubby guy too, so that doesn't help) and it is a very hard recovery if you have to have them replaced a second time and the failure rate of the surgery increases a lot. In hindsight, if you needed both of them done, would you do them both at once or face 3+ months of recovery twice.

Whip that's a real hard call. I have known a few who have done them both at one time, but don't know how they did it. I'm guessing the recovery and therapy would be really different doing both at once. For me I was in surgery on Monday, sent home from the hospital on Wed. with crutches. I used the crutches very little maybe only a couple of days at home. I did use them getting in & out of the truck and walking outside, but just because of the snow or ice. Something as easy as getting on or off the toilet was a challenge and this was with using a booster seat, it would have really been hard if both were done. I hear them both being done at the same time a lot but can't say I'd recommend it. Your doc is your best bet. From what my doc told me the plastic insert would be the only thing that would need to be replaced on mine. But they do make several different kinds. Good luck with ever way you go.
Thanks everyone for the recovery wish's. I got a few cams placed, did some work on the trails that were holding water, just trenched them out some. I did a 2.5 acre clear cut last year and planted with Norway spruce. I knew some didn't make it so I was filling the gaps. I did the trail work and set the cams & planted 25 before lunch. After lunch the wife went along and we did another 50, she's a trouper. The hardest part was just walking around with all the brush & tops. But the real surprise is getting the bad leg caught in a vine, buy the end of the day I was feeling it, but the same thing happens after therapy or exercises, if you not feeling it your not working it hard enough. The property is less then 20 miles from home so getting them all in at once is not a problem.
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The hardest thing for me was the ride home from the hospital. Had the seat back as far as it would go & I kind of sat at an angle. You just got to bend the knee to get in, out or sit and there is now way around it. I'm 6' so that didn't help either, but talk about feeling every bump in the road. It was the longest 12 miles in my life. When you go through with it get yourself the booster seat for the toilet, you'll be glad you did.