EHD survivor


5 year old buck +
I’ve got this doe around who appears to be an EHD survivor. I’ve read about survivors of EHD having nerve damage in their faces that makes them not be able to put their tongue back in their mouth but this is the first time seeing it. She has a healthy button buck dawn with her who is healthy and she act normal and seems healthy other than her tongue hanging out. She eats fine. Having survived EHD, do you think she passes some immunity along to her offspring? Not the best pictures just holding my phone up to my spotting scope but I thought you guys might enjoy the pictures anyway.
Wow those pictures really look terrible once I attached them.
I've heard they can survive and pass on their genes which may include levels of resistance. We got crushed in '12 and '13. Had a giant 160"+ clean 8 on camera who was a total skeleton in September of '13. I expected he'd be dead within an hour of the last pic. Neighbor shot him in early rut and he was back to being a hulking monster. Knock on wood but we haven't had bad EHD since that 2-year outbreak. I always wonder if it was the immunities passed on.

Between coyotes and ehd, nature took care of what our dnr is trying to do now. They're a decade behind the 8 ball.
Found a hoof once and learned they can loose them from EHD.
Found a hoof once and learned they can loose them from EHD.
I have heard that as well about hooves, as well as growing longer than normal when the deer has experienced high fevers.
Studies show that southern deer (think AL/MS)have more immunity to EHD due to generations getting immunity. It would be a double edged sword for Northern deer to be exposed to it so often they could develop immunity, IMO.