Droopy pear tree question


5 year old buck +
Last year I planted a pear tree from St. Lawrence Nursery in standard rootstock and it did great - it put on over a foot of new growth and looked great. This spring it started out fast and I have close to 6" of new growth this year already.

I was checking the trees last weekend and noticed that the top of the tree (last year and this year's growth) started to droop like a Charlie Brown tree. There's about 18" of top growth that is now at a 90 degree angle with the main trunk. I'm thinking that I could just tie the droopy portion back to vertical and hope it hardens off that way. Has anyone else seen this or does anyone have any suggestions?
No pics yet, but the tree looked great. All leaves are dark green and the tree is on a the corner of the woods and the only shade comes from an oak 10 yards to the east. There is no shade from the north, south or west.

I wondered if somehow the weight of the new growth was more than the tree could take. I've never seen anything like that before - the tree really looked great until the day the top fell over.
I looked at my droopy pear tree again last night and couldn't find a clear cause for the problem, so it seems likely that the top growth was just more than the tree could support. I tied the droopy main leader back to vertical, so hopefully it strengthens up a little more this summer. There was a little shade coming off a shrub to the east of the pear, so perhaps the pear tree was reaching for the sun more than I thought. I chopped off the top of the neighboring shrub so hopefully that help out.