Don't try this at home - starting a tractor via PTO

Nice to know in an emergency situation but I think OSHA would not be happy.
Kinda surprised he would not just pull the tractor with the strap and the car. It is a gear drive and they could let out the clutch in the same

(I think he has a two-stage pushing in an inch or so on the clutch will disengage the PTO.....thus allowing him the rolling start. He could do the same thing by pushing the clutch all the way in to pull the tractor and then letting the clutch out to start the engine.....IMO. )

OTOH....if his loader is on the ground....pull starting just became more difficult. Still....If you jack up and secure the loader to be off the ground....pull starting is an option IMO. I think if you opened the loader's lift valve/ joystick....then jacked the loader up and then released the joystick /valve.....the hydraulic fluid in the cylinders would hold the loader up. (but I have never tried this.)
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Yep, its usually these idiots that god takes out of the gene pool by getting the strap caught in the PTO and him with it!

Fix your crap, so don't have to be this moron!
It's worth repeating......a spinning shaft looks so harmless, but it's one of the most dangerous things you encounter when "tractoring". In my youth I saw so many farmers with missing limbs and worse come to the parts counter. Most were taken apart by belts, pulleys, and PTO shaft encounters.....all though the snapping rolls on mounted corn pickers got it's share of folks too.

I see guys using a shovel around a Post Hole Digger or "helping" to push the bit into the ground by applying pressure to the PH digger. Getting clothing caught in the spinning shaft can wrap you up and tear you apart in the blink of an eye.....especially with the torque of a diesel engine.

(I feel like the safety police again - but most of our guys really don't have much 'chinery background.)
From the looks of dent on the car door he must have tried another emergency trick that didn't go as well.
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