Dolgos still holding fruit.


bat man

The Dolgo's I learned to trim at Burs place are still holding a third of their apples. Two of the trees I trimmed were so heavy with fruit the branches are on the ground and water sprouts are prevalent.

I think some say if they hold fruit late they want them for deer, so if anybody wants some of those sprouts (they are long) I can trim them when it is time and get them sent out.

Let me know.
Ya know, after all the going around we've done on here about what we can get away with way up north, I'm currently set on just dolgo. I planted four on my southern MN mini-project area. I'm thinking I'm just going to t-bud that onto my siberian crabs and be done with it. The sourcing and researching apple trees has got me burned out, and I don't want to put a few hundred bucks into it to see it not work.

I'm guessing it'll be another year or two before I've got good bud wood. So for now I'm gonna focus on pruning the 130 or so tubed trees I've got and the few large apple trees that badly need a haircut.
Brooks=How many years have those trees been in place and what rootstock?

dolgo rootstock form Bailey"s?

I might like a water sprout or two from those late dropping dolgos? I've got some early dropping dolgos.

Sd-plant a couple of dolgos and a chestnut crab in 172. Call it good, unless we can get some of these columbias growing.
The plants were barefoot from baileys and went in the ground in 2009.
i would love to try a dolgo.
I was four for four with the ones I got from Oikos this year. I was a little put off by the "paper pot" they came in. It was a loose and wet root ball fallen apart when it got to me. But I planted them and they all lived through their first growing season.
How are the apples on the late hangers ? There are only a few Dolgos hanging on the tree my friend has. They are pretty much mushy and a little stinky if you get the mush on your hands. I don't think they'll last much longer on the tree or ground if they fall.

They look pretty mushy and had a strong smell a couple weeks ago.