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As of this writing the forum has 22 members, 26 guest and 1 robot. Can someone tell me what the robot is??:confused:
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Yep, robots continually crawl sites looking for content to index.

I've always looked at robots as a good thing. The more they are checking things out, the better their "list" of our content is.

It's amazing how often they snoop around. Some days (not here, but on other sites I own) I've seen google crawl the site non-stop all day. That isn't totally true, so the geeks don't bust me out. But it's pretty close!

100 at the end of day one, I'd say things are coming along nicely
100 at the end of day one, I'd say things are coming along nicely

Good people are hard to find. Fortunately we have a whole bunch of them.

Woohoo! I didn't realize it right away, but I was the first to reach official "Member" status on the new site. Apparently it switches from "New Member" when you hit 30 posts. Pretty sure stu will beat me to the next "level" though. lol
Yaaaayyyy, noticed I was first to 100 posts! Stu, you are slacking! LOL Actually just kidding, I'm sure you are busy with Brooks and the MDDI push. Much better use of your time at this moment than posting on any forum. Keep up the fight guys, looks like you have the MN DNR scared enough of your information that they are scrambling to discredit anything they can. Next up, public audit of the MN DNR and their shoddy management practices.
I got too many posts on the "other" forums to delete once my banishment is up o_O Trying not to leave such a huge "paper trail" again

Cut and paste some of that
meh...nothing over there all that earth shattering. At one point I suppose some of what was shared was "timely" or "fresh" but most all of it is relatively common knowledge now. It was interesting to me to watch ideas/advice that 10 years ago or so were new/cutting edge, become thrown around as common knowledge. Your relatively recent sharing of how to propagate M.G. via node cuttings will become another example of that in the future ;)
MG node cuttings?
Miscanthus Giganteus node cuttings....I'll let Bill educate us all on that when he gets time
Thought about writing the process up over here. I have a few more experiments to try this summer than I'll put something together with new info.

Even though I figured out how to clone my own I have 1000 on order for May. That's it though, I'll never buy another.
Well stu you caught me! LOL, it was a good run.