Coyote control strategy requires goal assessment

Doug Galloway

5 year old buck + is nice to read a short newsletter where management isn't being shoved down your throat.....that is one thing I've enjoyed about the Noble Foundation consultants....laid back, observant, and thoughtful in suggestions.....nothing shoved down your pie hole! The consult area is w/in 100 mi of Ardmore OK....much of their advice is applicable over the whole continent!
You must have attached the wrong link, this one is about prescribed grazing.
I was wondering about the grazing myself, but thought maybe it was just me and my pain killers kickin in.
That is a good one too....second paragraph and on....about site potential and vegetative index...native range will teach one patience.
The control strategy is an easy choice here. We aren't even close to having the number of deer our land can easily support, so all coyotes are on my hit list. Good article.