Covert Black Op's Help



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Mo - i'm 95% sure that camera is a 6v camera, not 12v. you may be giving it too much juice.
I highly recommend purchasing a high quality antenna for use with the Coverts. One of the biggest problems is signal strength. Also check the max send picture box is set to 00 for unlimited. Also, you should still have the 12 onboard AA's even with the use of an external power supply. I use the hco solar panel with my coverts and easily get 5-6 months on a food plot. I also recommend once you get the unit working, don't mess with the sd card, leave it in there and make sure it is on overwrite. When changing batteries, always check the settings. I have seen my cams default back to original settings. I always send a test pic before walking away. My farm is 900 miles from my house. I cant jump in the car to go check it. I had problems with the use of lithium batteries also. They have too much amperage for the coverts and fry them. I have been running 4 coverts for approx. the last 3 years and seldom have an issue. Are they perfect ?no. But they are the best and most economical camera right now and until something better comes along, they work for me. I would take the camera to a location where you get good signal strength, there is a way to send a test pic but I don't quite remember the steps to do it. The newer coverts I believe also don't send to both email and phones. I think its one or the other. The older models do both. My farm is in West central Illinois and the factory covert antenna could not pull a signal. Even their extention antenna does not work well. I own a security company and I found one of our Honeywell antennas we use for celluar alarm transmissions works great. Also on the older coverts, you want to freshen the batteries when it reaches 6 and the newer ones at 3 or they stop sending pics before you get the low battery text.
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He has a 12 to 6V converter cable so that ain't it.
It's never easy with these coverts. One day mine won't work. The next it will.