Couple Grafting ??'s


5 year old buck +
*I planted 12" bare root siberian crabs this spring. Is it reasonable to try to graft onto them next summer already?

*Anyone have a recommendation for a quality grafting knife?
I use a $15ish felco / Swiss army knife from Amazon works great.
The paper pot dolgo crabs I bought from (name escapes me now) were about 12" around the end of May. They are up to 30" already. Them little buggers sure take off. I hope to find the same or better when I get up to look at the siberian crabs.
the key to a good grafting knife is that it should be sharp as hell. by a cheap knife and spend some money an a lansky sharpener.
I have the same knife as Ed for T-budding and small diamter stock bark grafts. I have an old, folding blade Buck knife, broken tip and all that I realized works slicker than a greased pig for all other grafts.