5 year old buck +
So, when buying chemical/fertilizer last week I had my buddy with ties to the co-op get quoted for volunteer or any clethodim they had and I was quoted $130/gallon. I found a 2.5 gallon jug of 'willowood 2EC' off rural king's site. When dealing with clethodim, does brand name really matter? It has the same ratio of clethodim(26.4%) as arrow 2ec and others I have found on a google search. I know 2.5 gallons is a monumental amount but if I can get it way cheaper per gallon that way why not right?
As long as the active ingredient and the amount of it is the same then why pay more? I know "Volunteer" is expensive - not sure why. I use just plain generic cleth. The only thing I can think is if "volunteer" allows you to use it differently for some reason - details in the label. I would assme just like"round-up" and generic gly. Sorry - I'm cheap!
I don't mind saving a buck or two when the alternative is identical. I won't be needing any more for a long while I am hoping with buying 2.5 gallons