Chicken Yard Crab


5 year old buck +
Here's a couple of pics of a wild crab growing in our chicken yard. Might just have to look for a piece of scionwood off it next year.


That's a pile of crabs on the ground! How big are they? To me, they look to be 3/4" to 1" in dia. from the pix. Leaves look healthy too - do you spray it or is it a " no - fuss " tree?
Good guess on the size BnB. No spray just a wild crab that grew up in the chicken yard.
I've got a tree that grew from some Macintosh seed. It's loaded every year and I haven't done a thing to it ever. No spray, training, pruning, etc.
it also survives getting overly watered from a neighboring irrigation, which has killed every cherry tree, strawberry bush, pear and apple that the irrigation touches. Pisses me off
My only issue is it fruits so early. If it would drop in October, I wouldn't be growing anything else.
Looks like a dolgo seedling????
Looks like a dolgo seedling????

Good call Bur. It's only about 50 yards from my old Dolgo Crab, which by the way my sister-in-law made me some jelly from this year. Yum, Yum. Learning how to make apple jelly is on my bucket list for next year:D.
Dolgo does not need any sure jel. There is pectin in the skin. I picked 3 buckets of dolgos today and texted my cuz. She thinks dolgo is the best jelly. I say the best next to chokecherry.
dolgo jelly is easy.