Chicken of the Woods


5 year old buck +
Here's a find from today.


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Oh nice! Did you eat it?
SD- yup, it was in perfect condition so that one's being eaten.
I have been keeping my eyes open. Found 3 so far.

Found a few that were just past prime. One of them would have filled a 5 gallon pail with ease. Big miss on that one.
I'm going up north the end of this month. I'm hoping to find something edible yet then. Not sure what my odds are, but we've gotta do some scouting and stand work anyway.
SD- where up north do you go?
On our property about 9 miles east of Boy River. I've never hunted for shrooms beyond morels, but when I was spraying a plot this summer, I waved my wand right over a log that had a plate-full of chickens on it. I've also got myself trained in for hens, puffs, and oysters. I'm just hoping to see something. Need a new wild eating adventure.
That's not far from where I live on Bowstring Lake, hunting property little north in Squaw Lake. There's still a lot of edibles out there. Especially puffs.
Looks good, I haven't found any down here yet. Hens are really starting to pop now.