Bumper crop!

Turkey Creek

5 year old buck +
I know some of you arent as far along in the growing season as I am, southern zone 5. However unless we get a major hail storm, please Lord NO!, we are going to have a bumper crop of Chokecherry, Golden Currant, and apples on a couple old trees that I pruned this winter. Fruit and berries are set heavy as I did some checking today. Threat of frost is passed for us.

Anybody else setting in high cotton right now?
My pear trees are loaded down! I cant remember seeing them more loaded than this year.
I hope after that L - O - N - G, ugly winter we all get a break and have good crops set on all the fruit trees, bushes, etc. That'll be a break for the critters larding up for next fall / winter, too. I hope everyone gets enough rain for the fruit trees and for their food plots. While I'm wishin' - here's to a helluva good fawning season for all the boys in the Upper Midwest.
Turkey we had a hail storm today at my farm yikes!! But it didn't last long and no apparent damage
Yup same here TC, Just got back in from the orchards and it looks like we got a real good fruit set. Going to thin hard next week.
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This is a 6 year old Antonovka seedling with it's first fruit. With any seedling apple tree it's a roll of the dice as to what you will get and it looks like this tree will produce crabapple sized fruit.

A 6 year old Purdy apple on Antonovka rootstock from SLN with it's first fruit. I threw some Sevin dust on it before I thought to take a pic.

Most all of my crabapples are loaded with fruit.


It looks like it will be a good year on my Back40.
Looks like a pile of fruit on the way, greyphase. We had billiard-ball size hail near where I live and golf-ball size at my house. I'm told that up in N.C. Pa. where our camp is, the hail didn't hit there. Thank God. That's where all our apples, crabs & pears are planted. What a mess that would have been after this spring's planting! I hope the rest of the Pa., N.Y. and New England boys were spared from the hail.