Breckenridge Park Model Trailer


5 year old buck +
Ran onto a nice looking 2002 Park Model trailer going at auction tomorrow. I don't have time to go take a look....and I got too many irons in the fire anyway. This one is a bunk model with two slide-outs and vinyl flooring (nice for deer camp) at Hilmerson in Little Falls and it's on the K-Bid site. Currently priced at $4,450 with the furniture and appliances. Would make a good deer camp for my needs....with stove, microwave, furnace, A/C, refer and full bath. Seems I always find what I'm looking for when I am not ready to buy.
Yep...but you can't own it all. ;) Sometimes owning less is really having more. :)

Your mailbox must be full, I'm trying to reach you. Send me an email with cell#.


PM with my contact info was sent Freeborn. However, last night I tried to check to see what this unit sold for. The K-bid site had already took the auction off their site (?). The last price I had seen was $4450. which seemed like a good deal for this type of trailer.

K-bid does have allot of other buildings and cabins they sell.
Yup...but that's a mind set that many never acquire. I doubt I would have without a significant life changing event
A fellow once told me: "after you've been to the top of the mountain and peered over the top a time or two.....this side looks allot better. Took me a few trips to appreciate his point of veiw. ;)