Bobcat, Coyotes, Coons, Bears.....I need to get busy here.


5 year old buck +
Checked my trail cams today. Good deer pics are down.....and varmints are up. Gonna sit in the stand tonight......hope one of these guys comes along. Nevermind the date...its recent. (tech handicapped) :D bobby .JPGyote .JPG
Im in the same boat! Wish I could find someone I trusted to trap my place. I just don't have time.
foggy, it sounds like you should take up hunting everything accept deer. We were lucky enough on our old place to have a guy in town who was a trapping junkie. Sure he hunted deer, but it was a very far second place to him and the places he had to hunt deer were far better than our place anyway, so we knew we would never have an issue with him taking deer off our place. Heck, he didn't even want to trap our mink or red fox, all he wanted was the beaver, muskrats, and coyotes. Beside the fact that my old man lived on the place and he had to drive right through the yard to get back to the river to run his traps and he never knew when the old man would stop him to BS on his way out. If one didn't live on the place, that is a far tougher sell for sure.