Big buck down internet posts - Poll on your initial thoughts

Big buck harvest posted on the internet - what are your thoughts

  • No hesitation - Good for the hunter

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • Some hesitation - Good for him, but........

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • Moderate hesitation - You seriously question details

    Votes: 7 38.9%
  • Significant hesitation - Assume its falsified in some way right away

    Votes: 4 22.2%

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You see these every year - somebody has a pic from somewhere of someone with a huge racked buck. Details range from none at all to videos of the harvest on a website. The arguments ensue because someone claims its 100% legit while someone else claims otherwise.
I voted already - sorry I'm typically a doubting thomas. Too many folks these days willing to lie, cheat, steal and lord knows what else to get some attention these days. The source of the information is also important as well. I was recently labeled a "Hater" for my lack of trusting information on an internet website. I didn't and wouldn't call the hunter in the posted photo anything one way or the other, but until the dust settles I'll hold my applause. The more "record breaking" the buck is the more I feel it tends to be more likely falsified in some way (like I said doubting thomas).
There are two distinctly different deer out there. The ones that are fed souped up deer chow all year and become 280" non-typicals from ideal nutrition year round, and then there are the wild deer that tough out the lead storm and five feet of snow and eat what twigs they can find. I don't get too interested in giant deer anymore unless it's from someone I know. It's just too easy to grow mega deer when you have an endless supply of money, land, and equipment.
Can I get a choice "Don't Care" ?

If some guy I don't know kills a good buck it doesn't make me thinki anything other than moving on to something that interests me. Every situation is so different that wasting time and energy on what other people are killing that you don't know isn't healthy IMO.
Sorry BJE80 - should have considered the "don't care/ignore them" as a response. In all fairness I didn't have a "lets have an antler worship party" respose either.
I'm in the don't care camp too.

I've stopped watching deer hunting tv entirely, unless there's no alternative.

Too much antler worship for my taste.
Don't care!
Since there are three guys in my company that have my name, when we are in a sales meeting my boss refers to me as Thomas. As in doubting Thomas. My first instinct is to doubt people and not trust anyone.

I have found that if I expect the worst out of someone I am rarely surprised.
A few years back I went into my friend's uncle's cabin. He had a bunch of huge mounts of boomer bucks. Knowing my friend as an honest guy I assumed the same of his family. When I asked about the deer his uncle said 'that one was so fired up before I shot him he was making ruts running around the pen.' I soon found out his collection was almost entirely fake.
I think it is so cheesy. Get over yourself. I don't question if there legit I question how small their manhood is.
Don't care! To many commercial reasons for guys to post those types of pictures.

I do like to see the local big bucks, the ones you can tell are from your area.
I guess I'm the oddball... I always hope the buck is legit... But when they are 200+ I doubt it.

I post my bow bucks, none of them booners, but trophy's to me!

And I hope everyone here shoots a giant. But if you post a giant and lead with "no high fence here" I highly doubt it.

There was a picture on FB recently of a 250" (or so) buck that they were claiming as legit, and had an 'expert' measure it (trying to make it more legit). I highly doubt that buck lived a day outside of a fence.

Unless I see it I'll more then likely doubt it as there are just way to many stories out there. Myself I can't eat the horns and have never hunted for just that. I do have to say getting a wall hanger would be nice.