Bevan's Favorite Apple Tree

Native Hunter

5 year old buck +
I planted one of these about four years ago, but put it in a spot where the sunlight is borderline. However, I did get an apple or two last year from it and loved them. Planted another one in a good location last fall and noticed today how beautiful the leaves are on this cultivar. I can't find a spot on a single leaf and CAR was bad here this year. I think this is going to be an apple I love. I also didn't see any FB on the tree last year when it fruited.

Tree below is the one planted last fall.

Thanks for the report. Always like to hear of others successes or failures with their apple varieties. I planted a Bevan's Favorite on B9 rootstock on my trellis this spring. May have to try another in my wildlife orchard.
Thanks for the info, Native. Hadn't heard of that apple, but will look into it and read up on it. Might be a good one for the critters. ( and us! )
Yep, the taste was great for an early season apple!
Planted one last winter in my first batch of Apple plantings. We have a crap ton of cedar and it showed no effects. Planted eight different varieties and only had one that had just a very spots. I was careful to pick disease resistant varieties.