Best time to transplant conifers?


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Ok guys I am planning on transplanting some 1-3 ft tall conifers sometime next year. When is the best time?
That is what I thought as well however had a few people tell me to do it in the fall when they go more dormant. Thanks once again Stu
I have about twice as much success with spring planting as compared to fall.
Thanks guys
Non-evergreens don't mind fall planting... But it's spring only for me on evergreens.

What's the reasoning behind the preference for spring on conifers?
We also have had limited success with planting in the fall. I think a big part here is our hard winters and the transplants just not able to get enough strength back before winter.
My Norway Spruce are either a pigmy variety, or my soil sucks, and those were all spring planted.

I've got a red pine growing in the swamp along the trail I keep meaning to move and was thinking of doing it before the freeze. It's grown more than any nursery tree I have.
I'm amazed this one hasn't drown.

My swamp is the only natural conifers I have. All the others were my doing.
I hope the issue I have is lack of sun. The trees planted in Shrub Henge still only get a couple hours of direct sun a day.

Once the rifle range is cut, that'll change, but for now I'm seeing 5" growth a year.