Best of Our Group


5 year old buck +
We are way behind most of you in antler development. This is the best of our bachelor group. From our experience probably a 3.5 yr old.7-11-14 Hill(a) (7).JPG


  • 7-11-14 Hill(a) (7).JPG
    7-11-14 Hill(a) (7).JPG
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Same deer from 6/8, first recovery goes to the body. 6-12-14 SE Hill Oats and Rye (29).JPG

Just another thing to slow recovery.6-12-14 SE Hill Oats and Rye (42).JPG
Looks like the bears recovered pretty well.

Here is the best one I got from central mn. I think he's a 3 yr old. i got lucky as there was a corn field that was still standing this winter across the road from me. the deer are still behind but came threw winter in fair shape.
Next few weeks they will really start to show there true potential ! Key posting pics!!