Bedding Areas


5 year old buck +
Wildfire sent me this. The colored areas are the bedding areas on his farm.

Our farms are about 80-100 miles apart, but our bedding areas are very similar.
Do your bedding areas look like this?
Nothing like that...because I don't see a picture!
That's odd. The bedding areas that are currently getting used are very clear on my 'puter.
I don't see a picture.
Is Art saying that Wildfire doesn't have any bedding areas......
I think (I) did it ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got to admit that Jerry sent me a blank picture. I figured it was a reference to our low deer numbers and wanted to see how long it would take for you guys to catch on.

Nada is right.

This winter I had 14 deer wintering on the farm.
Now I would estimate there are two deer on the 170 acre farm.

It really does not matter how many potential bedding areas I have. They are just not enough deer to use them.
The different bedding areas are different colors. There are food plots adjacent to all bedding areas. Look up the lat and long. and blow up. Used goodle earth.
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