ATV Silencers


5 year old buck +
Has anybody ever used an ATV silencer? How did it work and what brand do you like?

I’d like to find a way to greatly reduce the sound of my ATV without causing problems to the ATV.
Go electric?

I just walk when hunting.
Go electric?

I just walk when hunting.
Its for everyday use not just hunting. I like it quiet so i can enjoy the place. I have a couple thousand tree tubes on my place that I spend allot of ATV time maintaining so I would like to reduce the sound of the ATV.
I've looked into them but have never bought one. Apparently they will cut the exhaust noise about 50% but won't do anything for the engine noise obviously, and that can be louder than the exhaust. I'm still debating on the electric Polaris atv but still hear horror stories about batteries going to junk in a couple years. Went looking the other day and all the dealers I went persuaded against the electric and said demand was really low for them so I might end up with a gas machine and just live with the noise.
I had one on my sportsman 500 for a while. The Kolpin stealth. It wasn't worrth the $ for the amount of noise reduction.

A 4 wheeler makes noise from much more than the exhaust. Still had engine whine, transmission whine, etc. as for exhaust noise it didn't really reduce it, just changed the pitch. I should have saved it but mine went to the dump.
I've read quite a bit on AtV silencers. Considered one at one point too....but passed. Seems we expect more than what is delivered with them.....especially in light of the price. Most people say they help....but don't reduce enough noise. Performance does not seem to be diminished tho.
Cough silencer for a wheeler huh