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5 year old buck +
I tried to send you a PM but got an error that it couldn't be sent, so I'll ask you my question here and hope you don't mind. If you want I will delete the post.
As you know I'm tractor shopping. I'm really leaning towards a JD 3038e. I know your CUT is a JD but I don't remember the size. Can you tell me what size your is again? I also looked at the 3032e as it is identical in size and weight but differs in the HP 32 vs 38. I figured the more HP the better. I plan on a brush cutter and tiller but it will be mostly used for loader/box blade work and skidding logs. I see all you do with yours, are you happy with the size? If all goes as planned the shed will go up mid summer and hopefully it will be filled with a tractor & implements by fall or shortly after the shed is built. I'd go for it now but I have no storage on the property & don't want 20K plus sitting out in the open. Thanks Mike
Hi Mike, PM sent with my contact info.

I own a JD 3320 with a hydro tranny. My SIL owns a 3032e, so I am familiar with both models. I've also owned a JD 790....which is now a model 3005 (gear tranny) and is similar in size to the 3032.

There is a significant difference in features and size between the 3320 and the 3032 models. The weight is one of the biggest items. I do not have the specs in front of me, but I suppose you would add another 800 lbs going with the more expensive 3320. The seat and ergonomics are additional features found on the 3320, as well as the e-hydro tranny system and hydraulic capacity (to lift both the loader and the 3 point and operate the remotes). The 300cx loader is not available for the 3032 model.

To sum it up.....the 3320 with 300cx loader is somewhat more robust and has a number of additional features. This is not to say the 3032 and 3038 (five more hp) are not great tractors and may serve well.....they are just not quite up to the tasks of the top of the line units. I very much considered buying a new 3032.....but found a good used 3320 instead. I bought that for a little less than a new 3032.....and felt it was a better value FOR ME.

I really wanted the hi capacity hydraulics to operate my loader and grapple properly.....and to operate my stump grinder, etc. I suppose the 3032/3038 can do all that's just not quite as well equipped. If forced to buy both tractors NEW......I suppose for my limited usage.....I would have saved some money and bought the 3032/3038.

New JD tractor prices are hard to swallow.......but they will last a long time and seem to hold their value. Call or email to discuss more.
^ re-read what I wrote above. If I had it to do over again.......I'd stay with the deluxe line - twenty series - and buy used......again. (3320, 3520, 3720

You'd get allot more tractor for a lower price than a new one......and there are pleny of late-model, like-new, tractors to choose from. That's my advice.....and I'm sticking to it. ;)
Thanks for the reply. You may just get a call some day.