apple & crabapple grafting question


Can I graft crab apple to existing apples?

Can I graft apples to existing crab apples?

These may be silly questions but I don't want to put the work into it if it won't work. I am going to mix and match some of my apples as it is, but I also have a crab that I use simply as a pollinator and I wondered if I could essentially have frankestein trees with mixes of different apples and even crabapples all on the same tree!

I have 2 areas of only 3 trees in each - i fgured this may be a way to add some apple diversity without having to add trees.
I grafted apple scions to several wild crabapple trees last spring and got good growth & plan on doing more this spring.
Yes an yes
Sounds like a fun project. Take pictures an document your progress for us. Many if us got the fruit tree bug as well!