5 year old buck +
I thought Fireblight was starting on some of my B118's, but aphids were the problem.

In years past, aphids had been worse on my apple trees when soybeans were close by. (the beans were full of aphids)

Keep an eye on them.
Had a few. Sprayed and killed them early
Aphids.....with all this rain? Strange! Usually Aphids and Spider Mites hit hard in the dry years.
We had an inch of rain this week. More than I first expected.

Some areas south of St. Cloud are showing drought stress on the corn and bean fields..

Will my aphids get worse as we get into august weather patterns? Bean fields are about 60 yards away from these trees and some apple trees are only 25 yard away from the beans.
Years back I had a product that I used on young trees. I might have a part bottle at home. systemic product that you add to water and water the tree. It lasts for months. Who knows what it does to the environs, but it would be good for managers who live further form their hunting lands. Bayer product, I think...
Is that removing somebody or animals organ???

We call it something else in my business and we ain't moving pianos.

funny how these threads evolve!