Anyone here make custom turkey calls?

Jordan Selsor

5 year old buck +
Looking to have a custom call made for my father in law for Father's Day? Anyone here make them or have a good source? I'm thinking a slate call.
There is a guy on the QDMA site that makes excellent slate calls. They are works of art and they sound great too. His handle is Masvet or something like that. If you are not a member of that forum, let me know and I will track him down for you.
I bought this one for my Dad.


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Perfect! That's what I'm after tks guys!!!
The guy sure has talent. Will make a great gift!!!
Tks everyone for your speedy responses. I messaged Scott on FB last night and he was quick to respond! Unfortunately he is leaving for vacation and wont be able to make a call in time for fathers day but Im still gonna have him build one and give it to my father in law for his birthday. I will be sure to post pics of it.
I would love to see more pics of his work if anyone else is willing to post tk you