Anyone else receive a card for deer survey from U of Mn??


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A friend of mine received a card in the mail today to take an online survey that the U of Mn is running.

He captured all the questions from the online survey and it looks like the same survey that was sent out several years ago.

Anyone else get it? Is obviously something related to the upcoming stakeholders. That knucklehead answered every single question with strongly disagrees or not at all important....

I will try and format the questions and post on here.
Can anyone take the survey? If so can you get a link and post?
No, apparently there is a login number needed thats on the card.... I called and left a VM with the contact on the card. I will have to get the number again... I will post that on here too.
I asked to get a login ID so i can take the survey too.
Please post the survey. Of particular interest is the question on satisfaction with deer seen on stand. I want to see if they changed the wording.
I will email it for now Brooks. It gets all messed up in the forum when I paste it....