Acorn Crop


5 year old buck +
How's the acrons at your place this year?

I'm seeing more this year than I have since I purchased the property 3 years ago.
None on our farm---late freeze in late April put the hammer to 'em.
I can hear them falling on every sit. Good number of reds, less of a bumper on my whites.
Hunted my oak flat On Sat. Night . Had 10 does and fawns ( 2 separate family in front of me at the same time) noses to the ground working like bird dogs vacuuming up the acorns!! They are all reds. The best crop of Acorns I have seen in 10 years. It looked like they must have just started to drop because I used my Binocs.and looked around in the trees and there were a ton sill up there. Did see a little 7 and a up and a up and comer 8 that will be a shooter next year if the neighbors don't add him to there freezer.
Some of mine are better than others - I have a white oak that is loaded, but my chinkapins just are not as full as they normally are. Red oaks seem to be dropping a few as well. My seasn doesn't start until 10/1, but I'm watchig the drop in preperation and trying to collect some for planting as well.
We have mostly burr and pin oak on our property. The burrs have been stacked but pins have been not quite as abundant (had a huge mast crop last year though). There are so many laying around too bad we have to deer to clean them up... our 7-8 resident deer will be eating good for quite a while. I bet food plots will last a long time before they get serious usage.
We have a lot of burs and they seem spotty this year. I checked some in the cow pasture a few weeks ago and out of about 20 trees only 3 were packed full of acorns and the rest had a few. Does and fawns usually come to those at about 1-2 in the afternoon this time of year and eat acorns 50 yards away from the cows. Should try one of those cow costumes for hunting there!

We have some red oaks scattered in the woods but I have not checked them.
Lots of Reds and Pins but the Whites, Burrs SWO's are spotty.