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5 year old buck +
Here's a quote I got yesterday on a JD tractor & eq. I know I can get KK box blade a & cutter cheaper from Fleet. Otherwise what do you think of the price?

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Price seems pretty good. The devil is in the details tho. Check for bigger tire sizes (you want them), add for hydraulic remotes (you want them), add for block heater?, add for other needed options (grapple? then you want hard lines kit.). For the loader.....if you do lots of digging.....you may want a HD bucket (its re-enforced to handle digging). Grille guard? You need one in timber. .......well, you get the drift. These things are expensive on the aftermarket.....so you better bite the bullet now. Go to the John Deere site.....and configure what you REALLY want and need. Then get all these options installed WHEN YOU BUY A NEW TRACTOR.

Your prices actually surprised me.....not too shabby!
What is a WFA? The only thing I can think of is Wide Front Axle. I didn't think they made narrow front ends any longer.
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FWA = Front Wheel Assist. Yep.....I don't think they make 'em any other way.
From JD's web site it has Standard four-wheel drive(4WD) for maximum traction
MO I saw that one and one in Georga & a few in Texas that were 2014's that came with trailers in the 23-24 range. I'm always up for a raod trip but not pulling a trailer that far. It's been a while since I've been to Texas. The last time I was through Missouri I had some trouble with the LAW. But thats a long story.
No Idea! I was wondering if it came with Front Wheel Assist? FWA!
OK I screwed up and read this to fast. Got the letters all mixed up. FWA WFA WTF Thats ok I'm better now.
Then I don't think you will find one any cheaper. Maybe this one as it comes with a $2,000 trailer. I would offer them $21,000 for it being it is a year old.

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Seems a few "southern" dealers like to offer a package deal like that. A few typical implements, tractor and trailer package at an attractive price point. Don't know anyone from the north that has ever pulled one of those "deals" home.
What's the warranty on the 3038e?
I could be persuaded to haul something like that back for ya for a nominal fee depending on timing of when you needed it done.
Thanks for the offer but I'll buy local. I have 3 dealers within 50 miles of me.
What's the warranty on the 3038e?
I'm not sure but 4 years sticks to my mind.