2014 GoPro highlight video


5 year old buck +
Earlier this year I posted some gopro videos and pics from fishing. well I finally completed my 'highlight reel' from the past year on the water. After a year of filming and now working with the editing software next year should be even better. Enjoy

Nice Video G&G. I once went to Alaska.....just for the Halibut. ;)
Great job!

I've got the itch to get in the boat all ready after watching.
Awesome video! Are those GoPro's really easy to use? Seems like everyone I know has bought one recently. I have not looked into one yet, but am thinking of it. Looks like that stock may be oversold.....time to buy??
Cool Video, I am not a fishing guy at all. Looks fun. What are the pile of fish in the boat you work over with a club? I would go along to be the club guy if needed!:D
The GoPro is pretty easy to use but I am still getting the hang of it. Fun toy.

The pile of fish on the boat were black sea bass. We caught our limit of 5 a piece in about 20 minutes, it was like hauling in huge sunfish.
Not much for fishin myself but it's a cool video. Now you got me thinkin to get me a GoPro. Mount it to a head band & video some tractor time.