turkey hunting

  1. EngineerinSquid

    Building my own Hunting Retreat

    Hello everyone, So a couple months ago I found a nice 40 acres in Northern Wisconsin that I have now official closed on. Now this land is far from perfect and I would like to make this thread kind of a documentation and journal of my journey into turning this into my own hunting retreat...
  2. blueKYstream

    Turkey Fan Mount Shadow Box

    I was looking to build a turkey fan mount that I could use for multiple birds I've killed (several beards not yet displayed). I decided to distress some rough-sawn pine boards from the big box store. I originally intended to white wash the whole thing, but I really liked the stain I was using as...
  3. B

    Howard County, MO Hunting land

    Pretty good land auction taking place in Howard County, MO tomorrow. Nice hunting tracts available. The link below goes to sale information. Howard County, MO iAuction