stand placement

  1. Peplin Creek

    Food plot hunting strategies.

    we all talk about how to plant food plots and seed blends etc. I want to start a thread about how we as hunters hunt them. When I first started doing food plots I used to sit over them all the time like every 3 out of 4 hunts. I figured eventually I would get lucky and big buck would walk by...
  2. Shedder

    "Soft" Funnels Given the response to the above, what do you think of this funnel. In the vein of my prior...
  3. Bill

    New stand set, Bartylla style.

    I can't wait til November if there is piglet using this area. Put a stand in what once off limits sanctuary. I say Bartylla style because I got permission from the neighbor to access it from his pasture to the north. 60 yards into the woods and I'm just picking at the edges. This was all...