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Wasps/yellow jackets/??


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Take a long blunt stick (most are) and whack the nest a time or two. Then consider running. Results may vary.

Best to talk your mother in law into doing it.

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My friends and I found one of these in a pasture when we were young and just had that youthful fascination with blowing things up. One lit firework later and we were covered with stings....all of the ideas with spraying at night are a better option than M-80s and slow running.
Haha. My cousin and I saw a bunch of bees flying around a pile of rocks so we thought it'd be a great idea to throw rocks at it. I think I only got nailed 5-6 times by the time we made it back to the house.


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Kill them. They eat honey bees.


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I went back out there this evening, I saw a few flying around the nest, so I re sprayed it, and used a hoe, and knocked it down, then took off on my atv and got out of there. I will check it out again tomorrow again. No stings yet.


I shot one multiple times with 30-06 from a far. Pissed them off but didn’t really make them leave.
Cut it down in January and burned it. That worked.


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Found one about 15 ft in a tree down here in east Texas. It was already winter so it was easy to see. I wanted it, so after some research found that they died after a freeze. Cut in down, then later when it warmed up it started to stink like decaying flesh. Waited the smell out. Kept it a couple years on the front deck until weather finally claimed it. Pretty neat though. Wouldn’t mess with them other than winter if necessary.

Tree Spud

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They are less active and dormant at night. Get out there after dark with 2 cans of wasp/hornet spray foam that shoots 20 ft. Spray right into the hole and keep on spraying. The spray wii expand into a foam and you should get a good almost complete kill.

They are nasty, have had several experiences where I was attached by simply working in the area. If you are allergic to bee stings, better have a epi pen around.