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North Florida Adventures With the Bman


5 year old buck +
Betting some forum members have that ONE friend who almost guarantees fun, sarcasm, and even drama when you spend time together outdoors.

For me that fella is a friend I call "Bman".

Over the years I've put videos together to help me remember a few of the most memorable moments. Sharing a few of those today for those who enjoy outdoor adventures AND laughs (most at my expense), as well as video from Florida appreciating the bulk of folks on the board live a good bit north of my locale.

First video is from a fishing trip we took where we BOTH hooked personal-best cobia, though I cost him his at the boat trying to net it (have gaffed bigger ones ever since). He actually bear-hugged it for several seconds before it escaped!

Next video is of a day we agreed to do some pond management bass fishing with Bman's Dad. I assumed he'd try to help his aging Dad enjoy a good day of fishing... as for the results, boy was I wrong in underestimating his competitive nature! Forum members 50 years old or older likely will recognize the "theme song" I modified to add to the Bman series of videos.

Next video I put together was from an alligator hunt we did together. While we managed to harvest a decent gator using one of my tags, by the end of the night I suffered a higher count of wounds than did the gator!

Final video is one I put together just this week after we spent some time on the spring-fed Wacissa River just five minutes from my home. Thinking about calling Bman "Tom Sawyer" from now on, as somehow despite myself and another friend supposedly being his guest we got boat driving and cooler-filling duties.

Any forum members actually enjoy our shenanigans, I'll keep trying to record future ones... assuming I can survive them! :emoji_smile:


Barry sounds like cracker folk.
And that’s not a slight for those that don’t know Florida.