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5 year old buck +
That pond is going to be fantastic! I had one pond the same size dug out a few years ago, but it's not nearly as nice. It's just a cow pond so stays muddy. I put 100 4-6 inch channel cat in it and caught some bluegill and threw them in too. The next year they were about 1-1.5 lbs and this year they are 2-3 pounds and maybe 3-4 lbs by the end of summer. The bluegills have bred and look like they are going crazy, so may have to stock some bass. Anyway, it's just a blast trying new things and seeing how they work out. I have one more pond that needs cleaned out soon and I hope to expand it a bit and set it up more like yours. It'll definitely get fenced so the cattle can't get to it though. Thanks for the inspiration!


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It’s been rain off and on most of the week.
Got the overflow in, still to soft to finish the beach area.

My wife blessed the pond with a lucky horseshoe.


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Pond is pretty much finished now, just need to put sand on the beach yet.

Beach area

Stone block to keep sand from sliding down into deep water, about 2’ high. It should end up with water around 5’+ over the top of it when pond is full.

Last of the fish structures we made out of bricks and pavers, small fish and crawdads should have lots of places to hide.


Darcy swimming in deep end, water maybe 3’ now.

Pond guy graded the building lot all off perfect before he took the big equipment away. It is from 3’-4’ higher now than it was three weeks ago.

Tree Spud

5 year old buck +
Looking good!


5 year old buck +
I've been out of pocket the last three weeks and have been looking forward to catching up on your pond. Looking great as expected!