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How Deep Should I Make My Pond?


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I'm considering putting a pond on my farm. I have an area that is about 0.4 acre, round in shape. I'd like to plant a band of clover around a pond that is roughly 80 feet in diameter. How deep should I make it? Wouldn't mind having some fish in it, but that's not a must. Would I have to aerate it?


5 year old buck +
Not sure of your location, but in southern WI most of the ponds we do for fish are at least 10ft deep. We've had 2 ponds on our land for over 20 years and only lost our fish once do to it" freezing out" once. The pond is 10ft at its deepest spot. We do run a aerator year around now to be on the safe side. If you are using a excavator have them dig as deep as they can reach in one spot.it doesn't matter what it looks like it will be under water. Another thing to consider is weeds. Ponds around here will be full of weeds to the surface if they are less than 6 ft deep.