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H-T November trail cam contest ends 12/15


  1. Photos submitted for the contest must have been taken by a trail camera during the current month or the month prior. Example= To be eligible for the March 2019 contest, the photo must have been taken with a trail camera during February 2019 or March 2019.
  2. Photos must be submitted on or before the last day of the month for the contest to be eligible. Example= March 31st is the last day to enter a photo in the March contest.
  3. The winner is decided by the photo that receives the most "likes", counted on the 10th day after the end of the month. Example= Photo with the most "likes" on July 10th is the winner of the June contest. In the event of a tie the photo that was posted first will be deemed the winner.
  4. Members can submit up to 5 photos per contest (one photo per post), however no photo can be submitted into more than one contest.
  5. Members can "like" as many photos as they wish. (Participation is key to this working. Don't wait until the end of the month to vote for a winner, "like" photos as they are posted if you like them).
  6. Categories to be announced on a monthly basis. (This months category is Antlered bucks)
  7. Any and all disputes or questionable entries will be reviewed by Admin and handled accordingly.
  8. The category for this month is restricted to (Anything)

This year no monthly prizes but we have some good ones for the best of the best at the end.

First Prize
Cudde K series cell unit that can be used as a stand alone cell camera or as the home cell unit in a cuddelink network. donated by John Volkman

Second Prize
New in the box Moultrie M-40i camera donated by Tree Spud


5 year old buck +
A little chasing.



5 year old buck +

I get concerned this camera isn’t working cause I never get any pics from it. Well that changed today.

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Buck Fawn
Was the arrow still in the neck when your dad shot him?

Yes but it broke off right after he shot. Looked like the mechanical broadhead didn’t open.

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Troubles Trees

5 year old buck +
Sorry for the picture of my laptop screen, Iphone has messed up the SD card reader interaction and doesn't work anymore :(