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Couple common ones I’m sure


5 year old buck +
But I don’t know them!
first one went crazy in my powerline this year. Almost choking it out.

The second is a pain... it’s like kudzu. It will take over areas especially if I get a lot of sunlight on the ground. This pic was taken 20’ up in a cedar and I swear it wasn’t there 3 weeks ago when I hunted that stand.


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The first one is tough to tell....looks like some dead giant ragweed or maybe even goldenrod....but it's tough to tell.... The second looks like vine honeysuckle...yes, it can be very aggressive. Tends to be nearly an ever green here, love to take over other shrubs and even trees. Here it can be deer cover and even occasional browse...but it certainly needs to be controlled. I use it to grow on woven wire fence to create screens. Just my 2 cents worth.