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Airforce Texan LSS .457 has arrived


5 year old buck +
Not sure how many airgunners we have on here, but I’ve recently gotten into PCP airguns for varmint control around my house in the city. I’ve had so much fun with my .22 PCP that I’m going big bore. I’ve been looking at big bore airguns for about a year now and finally pulled the trigger on the Texan LSS. In Missouri any airgun over .40 is legal for firearms and alternative methods seasons. This gun will become my late season (alternative methods) weapon of choice once I’ve got it scoped and dialed in with my 350 gr hollow point slugs. Crazy to think about an airgun pumping a 209-400 gr slug down range at ~1,000 FPS.


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5 year old buck +
Well Lewis and Clark beat you by a couple centuries but have fun...

Natty Bumppo

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When I saw in the title "Air Force Texan" I was expecting to see something about this.....


But yes dukslayr, that's pretty cool. I know little about airguns. I can see how that could be fun.


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They are a lot of fun. I have a Sam Yang 909s in 45cal and they are definitely not the airguns we grew up with.