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    Late Season Tree ID

    Not really sure....ask Native Hunter....he will know. Some trees I can id in the winter, while others are more of a challenge. If I am not sure....I just wait until they leaf out and then try to ID it then. If the leaves are too high to see well or clearly...use Binos. I have even taken...
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    J-birds place

    So I am making this post in response to some questions I have received in the past regarding posting some of the images I do. It typically goes like this..."How do you draw on your pics and post them?" I will be honest in that I am NOT the most computer literate person around....I just use...
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    Sam Bilhorn & whitetail partners out of WI

    Anyone familiar with Sam Bilhorn or Whitetail Partners consulting out of Wisconsin? I stumbled across him and was curious if anyone here has any knowledge/experience with him/them.
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    Bedding area improvement

    I just made a post on my property tour about how I have worked some willows on my place that may give you some pictures to go with my suggestions...
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    J-birds place

    I was also looking at some of my "edges" as well. I like to use edges to help my property feel bigger and to expand my cover options and offerings since they are so limited. What to avoid...with a "hard edge". Here you see an abrupt transition of "cover" to no cover. Here you will see an...
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    J-birds place

    Took a walk today.... Here is how I took a single stem willow and over time, I have since turned into a shrub. Bringing cover done to the deer level and going from a single stem to 100's. This area is where I took several willow "trees" and have reset them as well. Cut them to the ground...
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    Bedding area improvement

    If you have black willow and if you cut them back they will stump sprout like crazy with multiple stems. I prefer to put/make brush piles/screens with what I cut down. I would suggest cutting in rows or small sections and space it out over a few years to keep them at different stages. The...
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    Minnesota state wide rifle use

    Indiana was a slug only state for a LONG time. Then they opened it up to "pistol cartridge rifles" and now most common centerfire rifle bigger than .243.... I have not seen much of a change in the way I hunt as most shots are still 100 yards or less. I will say that a slug puts one hell of...
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    Any 25-06 fans??

    Of all the ammo shortages I saw a few boxes of 25-06 the other day at the store and thought...."who the $%#^ shoots that?" Funny....
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    J-birds place

    It was interesting watching it the first time. At first I was like, "what sort of ragged little buck is that?", then he had a buddy that got a little bigger, and then another buddy, and then more and bigger and it was like a buck parade! If it wasn't a video and not seeing them move and...
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    J-birds place

    Might be...typically shed season here is pretty poor. Them bucks live on the neighbors place, and visit mine. They have all/most of the cover...I have the food. I'll certainly keep an eye out for them though.
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    J-birds place

    Depending on the situation (if you own the and or not) I would put out the little marking flags (the little wire ones the utility companies use) and mark where the edge should be. I know my local farm retail store has them in different colors in bundles of 100 for a reasonable price. And...
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    J-birds place

    The most bucks I have ever caught in a single video.... Card pulled earlier this evening.
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    H-T January trail cam contest (last one for the season)

    This came off my cam today... I thought bucks didn't group back up for a while yet.....
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    Handgun Ammo

    Shelves here are pretty barren as well. Unless you are looking for some pretty odd ball stuff. I was able to get in on a delivery thru Midway USA a few weeks back on some 5.56....but am anxiously waiting for another opportunity. You know hard it is to post about this and not get on some...