Steel siding


5 year old buck +
Had a family friend pass away last Sunday in Wisconsin so I drove up Wednesday for the funeral and since I was making the trip my brother and I decided to tackle putting steel siding on another end wall of his house. Takes us a half day just to erect the scaffolding 3 levels high we are getting to old for this. Got the perlins ran, foam board and two new windows installed today on the upper half. Tin on the upper half tomorrow weather permitting. The bottom half is log and has its own set of unique challenges to deal with.IMG_1435.jpeg
Carpenter bees must piss your brother off constantly.
Carpenter bees are not really on issue up there but they drive me crazy in Kansas.

Todays progress all but one small piece on the right side complete.


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definite improvement.
My brother came down with the crud and didn’t feel like climbing scaffolding sick so we only got that upper half done before I headed back home to Kansas. I did bring a Jeep back with me that only has 58,000 miles on it but the frame is rusted out and spring shackles torn loose. Should make for a good winter project.